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February 22, 2021

How Often Should Passenger Lift Be Inspected?

How Often Should Passenger Lift Be Inspected? The passenger lifts are used in various buildings, commercial spaces, etc. for the better convenience of the people. Of course, one can easily go from the ground floor to any floor within few seconds easily and smoothly with the help of these lifts. You don’t have to climb the stairs all the time. But it is also important to ensure that the passenger lifts are properly maintained all the time. Hence, regular or timely passenger lift inspection is very much essential. If you are wondering why it is important and how often this inspection must […]
January 25, 2021

How Often Do Elevators Need To Be Replaced?

How Often Do Elevators Need To Be Replaced? Not everything lasts forever. Some of them may get damaged after a certain time while some can be less effective. No matter how modernized we are getting, things often need to be replaced. Elevators are no exception to this. But how often you must replace the elevator? Elevators work on a great mechanism that helps you to go up and down a multi-storied building easily and conveniently. But like any other machines elevators too, with time, can become weaker and lesser efficient. When this time comes, you must replace them. To know exactly […]
December 18, 2020

Are There Different Types of Elevator?

Are There Different Types of Elevator? Elevators, which were previously restricted to offices, commercial buildings and tall buildings and skyscrapers are now becoming popular in homes also. There are obviously some unmistakable benefits of using elevators in home. It adds a lot of comfort and convenience, especially if you have seniors in your home or people with some physical challenges. However, the practice of installing elevators in homes is not too old. It is just around two decades old. Hence, it would not be wrong to mention here that the elevator in homes is still in its evolution stage. People […]
November 18, 2020

Why Do Lifts Break Down?

Why Do Lifts Break Down? Getting entrapped in a lift is not a thing you would like to experience during your lifetime. Still, it can sometimes happen due to a failure that makes the lift stop. Generally speaking, the main cause of lift breakdown is poor servicing. Regular maintenance works are vital for any moving piece of machinery, including the elevator. There are many things that could go wrong as the lift keeps operating without proper maintenance. Here are the most frequent factors that cause a lift to break down. 1. Lack of lubrication No matter how good components a […]
November 18, 2020

Can I Maintain Lift Myself?

Can I Maintain Lift Myself? Like any other big machinery, a lift experiences wear and tear and breakdowns over time. For the most part, professionals are the only ones who must repair the broken lift system. Being a major appliance, the lift is hard to maintain and repair by people who don’t have proper qualifications. It involves complex mechanisms, computer control, and electrical wiring that a simple human would not be able to handle. This is why you need a lift repair company who will fix the failures and maintain the appliance. Nonetheless, there are some easy things that you […]
September 23, 2020

How Often Should You Service Lift

Wondering how often should you service lift? When we talked about lifts or elevators, we often restricted it to department stores, malls, cinema halls, hospitals, and commercial premises. However, this is no longer the case as more and more homes start using lifts for their personal use. According to information and statistics, almost around 25% of homeowners believe that lifts are essential and also desirable. This is because of the various conveniences and benefits that they offer. The lifts, in particular, come in handy for elderly people and people with physical challenges and disabilities. Of course, if you have tall […]
August 18, 2020

7 Elevator Maintenance Tips You Can Use

7 Elevator Maintenance Tips You Can Use – Elevators should always be in an efficient working condition. This is very crucial, especially to maintain safe mobility in an elevator. People can productively move up and down the building without any hassles involved. Consumers, workers, or even commoners, must not face any risks or consequences due to the elevator’s improper maintenance. To ensure this, one must always maintain the lift appropriately, so no one needs to compromise on safety. We will take a look at 7 Elevator maintenance tips you can use to ensure well-maintained elevator and safety of the people: 1. Maintain a record of functional issues […]
June 29, 2020

Key factors to consider when hiring a singapore lift maintenance company

Lifts are extremely vital parts of our lives. It makes our life smoother and easier, let us work and go to other floors quickly, and allows us to transport things with simple and helps us feel relax and comfortable all through the ride. Though we do not notice it, lifts need consistent maintenance services as well as upgrades. Experts suggested that lifts should be checked and maintained 2 times a year. With this Singapore life maintenance, professional lift experts would investigate if all the parts and components of the lift are functioning perfectly. If you are considering hiring a Singapore […]
June 29, 2020

Importance of lift maintenance that you should know

If you want to get in touch with a lift maintenance agency in Singapore then you should stay here with this article. Because of this article, you may know about the importance of lift maintenance in a sense. As far as you know that lift is a vertical transportation medium which will help you to increase the movement of people into your building. But maintaining a lift is not so easy so you should be aware of the lift maintenance issue in Singapore to run your lift efficiently. Here are some points which show you the importance of Lift Maintenance […]
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