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November 15, 2021

Signs That Your Lift Needs Repairing

Signs That Your Lift Needs Repairing – There are some pieces of equipment in your shop that are vital, like lifts. Lift needs minimal maintenance where you can repair efficiently. Preventive maintenance steps minimize downtime and increase the lifespan of your lift. If you have a lift installed in your commercial or office building, the last thing you need is to check out signs that the lift needs repair. Hence, in your busy working environment, it can make a considerable impact on-premises efficiency, so you should not avoid any problematic warnings. Read on – Signs That Your Lift Needs Repairing […]
November 4, 2021

Why Should I Leave Lift Maintenance To Professionals?

Why Should I Leave Lift Maintenance To Professionals? If you own a lift, lift maintenance should always be left to professionals. While lift repair may seem like something easy enough to do on your own, professionals must perform any lift maintenance or repair. Maintenance should be done routinely. Why Maintain Lifts Regularly? Regularly maintaining lifts is essential for the safety of workers and the proper function of equipment. If you neglect to maintain your lift, issues can arise that will cause harm to people or significant damage to machinery. Why Maintain Lifts Regularly? To Prevent Accidents/ Incidents All of the […]
August 18, 2021

How Often Should Elevators be Tested?

How Often Should Elevators be Tested? It is a well-known fact that commercial and residential elevators require routine maintenance for smooth and safe transportation of passengers. Elevator equipment often requires lubrication, periodic adjustments, and examination to ensure its reliable and safe working. Elevators should also be annually inspected and should be certified through the state authorities for usage. Thus, it is vital to schedule frequent routine elevator maintenance with a reputable company or manufacturer for such reasons and others. With elevators test and maintenance services are at your back end, you’ll be able to diagnose any issues and make quick fixes. Frequent […]
July 14, 2021

What Is Involved In Lift Maintenance?

What is involved in lift maintenance? People ignore lift maintenance, but when done correctly, it may extend the life of the lift, offering a cost-effective approach to ensure that it retains effectiveness, durability, and security. Have you ever noticed what a lift technician does when the lift is being serviced? Here’s a peek at how most firms do their checks from the inside. During an examination, the measures used by the lift technician can become much more complicated. Lifts require routine maintenance. Maintenance keeps it in top shape, resulting in fewer failures and increased life while saving expenses. The key to […]
May 20, 2021

How Long Does it Take to Get out of a Stuck Elevator?

How Long Does it Take to Get out of a Stuck Elevator? Being trapped inside an elevator is among the worst experiences anyone can have, especially the ones who are afraid of confined spaces and heights. Things that have to be kept in mind when stuck in the elevator are unless you’re finding yourself in a life-or-death situation, calling for help and also waiting for it. A lot of escape attempts can just increase the level of danger. Let’s know how much time you can remain stuck in the elevator and what can be done to get out of it. What Should be Done […]
May 6, 2021

What Should You Not Do In A Lift?

What should you not do in a lift? In spite of using the lift for just some seconds, this moving box has some unwritten rules everyone should follow. Here are 6 things you shouldn’t do when taking a lift ride. 1. Don’t use the lift for one or two floors Using the elevator for quick hops means a lack of respect for other people sharing the ride with you. It’s important to understand that lift’s purpose is to help people make many floors in a short time. Its main users should be long-haulers, rather than people getting out after just […]
March 24, 2021

Do You Need Planning Permission To Install Lift?

Do You Need Planning Permission To Install Lift? Yes, while installing a lift in Singapore you may need planning permission as per the regulation of BCA. BCA regulations in this regard read as under. Step 1: Proposal for authorization of installing a lift to BCA For installing a new lift you will have to submit the plan of the proposed lift either with the plan of your building or with BCA if you have planned to install a lift in your premise after submitting the plan of your building. You can start installing a lift in your building once your plan is approved by […]
February 22, 2021

How Often Should Passenger Lift Be Inspected?

How Often Should Passenger Lift Be Inspected? The passenger lifts are used in various buildings, commercial spaces, etc. for the better convenience of the people. Of course, one can easily go from the ground floor to any floor within few seconds easily and smoothly with the help of these lifts. You don’t have to climb the stairs all the time. But it is also important to ensure that the passenger lifts are properly maintained all the time. Hence, regular or timely passenger lift inspection is very much essential. If you are wondering why it is important and how often this inspection must […]
January 25, 2021

How Often Do Elevators Need To Be Replaced?

How Often Do Elevators Need To Be Replaced? Not everything lasts forever. Some of them may get damaged after a certain time while some can be less effective. No matter how modernized we are getting, things often need to be replaced. Elevators are no exception to this. But how often you must replace the elevator? Elevators work on a great mechanism that helps you to go up and down a multi-storied building easily and conveniently. But like any other machines elevators too, with time, can become weaker and lesser efficient. When this time comes, you must replace them. To know exactly […]
December 18, 2020

Are There Different Types of Elevator?

Are There Different Types of Elevator? Elevators, which were previously restricted to offices, commercial buildings and tall buildings and skyscrapers are now becoming popular in homes also. There are obviously some unmistakable benefits of using elevators in home. It adds a lot of comfort and convenience, especially if you have seniors in your home or people with some physical challenges. However, the practice of installing elevators in homes is not too old. It is just around two decades old. Hence, it would not be wrong to mention here that the elevator in homes is still in its evolution stage. People […]
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